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Nervous Patients

Why Choose Us

Expert team approach using integrated multidisciplinary care

We are trusted medical professionals performing at complex levels of excellence.  We take time, we take care and we take pride in the quality of the service we offer.

Success in medicine is almost always a joint venture. Combining advanced clinical surgeons and restoring specialists means that Mr Haers can ensure that all areas of your dental treatment are communicated and collaborated guaranteeing the best possible outcome to your treatment.

The Teams approach to your treatment;


  • Our aim is to achieve functional oral rehabilitation in using minimally invasive techniques, without compromising the short and long-term outcome. In cases of severe bone loss however, it may be necessary to harvest bone.

  •  We ensure you have the best possible treatment outcome with the least amount of trauma.

  • We are specialist in pre-prosthetic/ pre-implant surgery.

  • Our team have advanced skills required to excel with even the most complex cases, including cases of severe bone loss of the entire jaws as well as cleft lip and palate patients.

  • We provide emotional support for to over come any anxiety with the use pain management techniques, general anaesthetic, IV sedation and local anaesthetic.

  • Our simple cases are accomplished efficiently with an emphasis on reducing the time the patient has in surgery.

  • We want our patients to feel secure in the knowledge that whatever your current situation is we have the expertise, techniques and processes to reconstruct your mouth.

  • We inspire and train; Mr Haers mentors and teaches the dental fraternity and they seek his medical and professional clinical judgement.

  • We accept many requests from dentist requiring our expert opinions and to salvage their difficult and complex cases.

  • Our team enjoy complexity and adversity.

Perform intricate plastic surgery of the gums to ensure your implant looks perfectly natural. The team have a tremendous eye for detail creating beautiful natural teeth and gums; Mr Haers can perform intricate plastic surgery around your gums creating the ideal aesthetic outcome, ensuring you have the smile of your dreams.
It is our duty of care to ensure success and you are completely satisfied which exceeds your expectations.

Pain free solutions

Our aim is to determine any apprehension you may have and to totally relax you during the treatment.

We fully understand that some patients can be very nervous especially when undergoing extensive treatment such as dental implantology and may be worried about the procedure and possible pain – this is perfectly natural.

For our very anxious patients we can offer within the Nuffield Hospital full general anaesthetic or IV sedation, which relieves all the anxiety.  Our aim is to ensure complete relaxation to totally overcome your nerves. We work with a consultant anaesthetists, Dr Mike Carraretto and Dr Maha Zuleika, who perform this service that will be administered and who will carefully monitor you throughout the appointment.

Our specialist knowledge is just one of the many reasons that patients choose us. But more importantly we deliver an exceptionally high level of care and service to our patients and treat them with the utmost courtesy and compassion. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are in expert hands with us.

You can find out more about Dental Implants or Contact Us, our team are here to help you give you back your smile.


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