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Enhance your Smile

Your 5 Steps to Enhancing Your Smile

Our dental implant treatment process is discussed thoroughly with you to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the procedure and how the process works. However we have provided below a basic guide on the process of fitting implants to give you a general understanding of the procedure.


Step 1 – The Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will take place at The Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital with Mr Piet Haers. Your dentist and another surgeon may also be present to offer their advice and guidance. During this examination you will be examined and your expectations discussed. You will also be asked about your general health as well as your oral health and x-rays will be taken. A dental treatment plan including costs will be drawn up at this stage and any recommended surgery will be discussed in detail.

Step 2 – Surgery

On your approval of your dental treatment plan a date will be agreed for you to proceed with the first step of surgery. You will generally attend the clinic at The Nuffield where you will undergo implant surgery. Your procedure will be undertaken with either a local or general anaesthetic depending on your wishes and the implants will be placed in your mouth. These new implants will be covered with temporary coverings whilst your mouth heals.

Step 3 – Healing period

As everyone is different the healing period can be anything from 6 weeks onwards. During this period you will attend check-up appointments to ensure that your mouth is healing well. Once your implants have integrated into your mouth you will be handed to the restorative dentist who will create your new teeth.

Step 4 – Restorative

At your restorative appointment, impressions will be taken of your implant fixture heads so that your new teeth can be made to fit perfectly. Your temporary teeth will be replaced whilst this final stage of creating your new teeth takes place.

Step 5 – Final Restoration

At your final appointment your new teeth will be fitted.
If you have any questions, please Contact Us so that we can discuss your dental requirement with you in more detail. Alternatively read more on our Implant Treatments and how we can help you.


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